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Cyclist Hub Developments

The Showroom preparation work is nearing completion and the flooring has been laid. We have also been busy in the other parts of Riley’s too:

The workshop has had new workbenches added and the layout improved. A partition has been built to the bike storage area to make it less draughty and an insulated false ceiling is being constructed to keep the mechanics warmer and save energy.

What was our showroom has been divided up by building a mezzanine which creates a storage or display area below and a first floor space. One section is allocated for storage for the Sunday Indies Markets. This space will be available to rent as a whole or in sections. Please contact us if you are interested in renting the space.

New network facilities including an updated digital phone system are being installed this week. We are also introducing a new ePOS system with improved eCommerce and inventory management to improve efficiency and show off our stock better online. There is also a workshop management module being introduced to make booking and tracking of jobs more efficient.

We are looking for a front of house person to work in the new showroom. If you know of someone seeking work who is well organised with retail experience and ideally likes cycling please ask them to get in touch.

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Wilier Won’t He?

I was pondering on Christmas Eve looking round our stock, if Santa rode a bike what would he choose?

Maybe he would want a practical cargo bike to carry presents, but probably feels he has done enough delivering and might want some fun in the North Pole snow on a fat bike; or would he treat himself to a gorgeous red and white Wilier for a Boxing Day blast. Since cyclists are a fastidious lot, I think he would be taken with a Wilier Cento 1 NDR in his trademark colour scheme. Of course Santa weighs a lot less than you would expect for his size or else the sleigh would not get off the ground, likewise the Cento 1 NDR defies gravity on the climbs and cuts through the frosty air like a freshly sharpened carving knife through a tender turkey breast with its aero frame, please see details here. We have a Cento 1 NDR, large size with Ultegra groupset and Miche Rx26 wheels. To launch our new ecommerce page we are offering Wiliers at the 2021 pre increase prices, which will save you over £600 . You can view the other gorgeous Wilier bikes we have in stock on our new shop page and pick up a lightweight New Year bargain.

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Our brand new range of Kinesis UK road, adventure, and e-bikes; in store now!

We have long been fans of the company Kinesis UK here at Riley’s Cycles, so we are pleased to announce our brand new range of Kinesis bikes, including some e-bike options. Specialising in top quality alloy and titanium frames, Kinesis cover everything from high performance race machines such as the Aithein, up to all year round gravel/adventure work-horses such as the G2. Call us today on (01935) 812038 for more info, or book a test ride today!

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Grandad’s Bike Back on the Road 73 Years On

Heron's head detail
Raleigh Lenton
Restored 1947 Raleigh Lenton
Raleigh Lenton pre restoration

A former colleague asked me last year if I could restore his Father’s bike for his son Guy to ride. The bike was a bit special as it was a Raleigh Lenton with its original bill of sale from 1947. However, Grandad had clearly covered a lot of miles on his trusty steed and it was coated in a sort of film. I have a 1950 Raleigh Lenton and was aware they were the bike that clubmen riders aspired to, having a lightweight Reynolds steel frame and especially as champion rider Reg Harris endorsed them … and they had four gears! After discussing the project with Guy, though mindful that bikes are only original once, it was agreed a full restoration was best. The restoration involved repainting the frame (by Jim King), replacing wheels with a rebuilt set, modifying the dynamo lights to have led bulbs and run off batteries, restoring the enamel head badge, rechroming many parts and a lot of polishing, we even salvaged the original Bluemels mudguards. There are some wonderful details on the bike, for example the chainset incorporates the Raleigh emblem, a heron’s head and on this early model the eyes and beak are chiselled, a detail Raleigh dropped by the time my 1950 model was made. The end result was very pleasing and Guy plans to ride it to his home in Switzerland.