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Bikes Galore! (Our Current Stock of Bicycles)

You may have noticed that in the past year or so, bicycles and bicycle parts have become significantly harder to get hold of. The phrase ‘a perfect storm’ springs to mind, as the entire industry has faced major disruption; from manufacturers shutting down key factories due to various lockdowns and restrictions, to cargo ships full of vital bicycle parts getting stuck in canals. Couple this with the global bicycle demand increasing considerably, and it’s easy to see why places have been struggling to keep up! Thankfully, these kinds of disruptions receive great response from consumers, retailers, and suppliers alike, and as such are always overcome.

Here at Riley’s Cycles we are elated to say our stock levels with bicycles of all types are the highest they have been since the dawn of the pandemic, we have worked closely with some great companies and the hard work has finally paid off.
Here is a list of all current bicycles we have in stock for your information, all available in various sizes. Our motto at Riley’s Cycles is ‘A Destination For All Cyclists’, as we believe we have a bicycle for everyone. Please note the date this was posted as stock will be subject to change.

Electric Bicycles:
Ezego Commute (External Battery)
Ezego Commute Step-Through (External Battery)
Ezego Folding
Ezego Trail Destroyer
Ezego Trail Destroyer II
Kinesis Lyfe
Kinesis Lyfe Equipped
Kinesis Range
Kinesis Range Flat Bar
Merida e-Speeder 400
Wilier Cento 1 Hybrid
Wilier Jena Hybrid
Wilier Triestina Hybrid

Hybrid & MTB
Claud Butler Edge
Claud Butler EXP
Claud Butler EXP Step-Through
Dawes Discovery 101 Step-Through
Dawes Mojave
Merida Big.Seven 80
Ridgeback Comet
Ridgeback Comet Step-Through
Ridgeback Speed
Ridgeback Speed Step-Through
Whyte 403
Whyte 801
Whyte Carnaby
Whyte Portobello
Whyte Victoria
Whyte Whitechapel

Road & Gravel/Adventure
Claud Butler Primal
Claud Butler Radical
Genesis CDA10
Kinesis G2
Kinesis R1
Kinesis R2
Whyte Wessex One
Wilier Cento 1*
Wilier Cento 10*
Wilier Jareen*
Wilier Montegrappa*
*(All Wilier models come in multiple different configurations)

Dawes Lottie
Dawes Venus
Probike Daisy
Squish Balance Bike
Squish 12″
Squish 14″
Squish 18″
Squish 20″
Squish 24″ Hybrid
Squish 24″ MTB
Squish 26/13″ Hybrid
Squish 26/13″ MTB

For any enquiries please give us a call on (01935) 812038.

Wilier Cento 10SL NDR38 Disc Sram Force eTap AXS

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