Deflector Lite Mud Flap


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Variant: Deflector Lite Mud Flap Guard

Description: The Deflector Light has been made for enthusiastic mountain bikers looking for a light and discreet mudguard (only 28 g). Tested by many professional riders, it protects the rider through the front-mounting and the shock-rear-mounting. We combine a stylish look, protection and a secure and firm grip on the bike.

**LITE** – Light and discreet mudguard.

**FRONT AND REAR PROTECTION** – Front mudguard that can also be mounted at the rear to protect the shock.

**Wheel diameter** – Compatible 26", 27.5" & 29"

**Material** : Polypropylene

**Mounting** : 5 Zip-ties

**Weight** : 28g (with fixation)

Manufacturer: Zefal


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