Whyte Wessex One 54cm

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Any Road, Every Day
Designed from the outset to excel in all conditions, everything we’ve learned about control, comfort and year-round UK weather-proof construction is included in the Wessex.
Whether you’re gearing up for a summer sportive or a bleak mid-winter training ride (complete with the easily integrated mud-guards) the Wessex proves that you no longer have to sacrifice searing speed and real performance for rugged reliability and all-weather control – you really can have it all!
When Whyte set about designing this bike, we wanted to create an even simpler version of the Wessex. A 1 x 11 drive train gives 11 useable gears with no overlaps and utter simplicity.
WTB TCS system tyres and rims give all the advantages of tubeless tyres. The lower pressure creates both comfort and grip to give the security that creates the feeling of confidence in all weather and road conditions.
Hydraulic brakes give one finger control from either the hoods or the drops, this modulation allows for complete control in all situations and weather conditions.

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Size: 54cm

Model: Wessex one

Manufacturer: Whyte

The award winning Wessex one has many innovations that have been copied, in fact it was described as category creating when introduced. It has a carefully selected 1×11 drivetrain which means no front derailleur to drop the chain and keeps the transmission simple while still giving a good range of gears for climbing and speed. Please watch the video for an in depth review explaining the many attributes which make it a great choice for UK winter roads.