Wilier Jena Hybrid 50cm

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The bike has several drivetrain options.

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Wilier Jena carbon gravel ebike



Jena Hybrid has a carbon monocoque frame and fork. The frame’s geometry is similar to the Jena, offering a performance endurance ride combined with a comfortable ride position for long hours spent in the saddle.

The Jena Hybrid features traditional components like hydraulic disc brakes, 11 speed transmission and carbon or aluminium rims. The only component added to the traditional configuration is the rear hub containing the 40 Nm Ebikemotion motor to assist pedalling.

The motor is powered by a 250 Wh battery perfectly integrated inside the frame’s down tube. System control (on, off and monitoring) is controlled by the iWoc button installed on the handlebar, allowing the rider to choose Jena Hybrid’s various assistance modes.

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