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Carbon vs Steel Weight Comparison


To wind down after a busy week on Friday evening I finished building up my 1998 Raleigh SPD frame made of Reynolds 853 steel tubing and it feels great.






Dave P had just bought a new Carbon Merida Reacto 5000, so I wondered how the relative weight of my steel bike compared.

Since I had steel and carbon frames, I thought an aluminium bike would make the comparison exercise more useful.




My alloy Reacto has upgraded Hunt wheels and tubeless Hutchinson tyres, so is  lighter than a standard model, but is representative of that type of frame.

Not surprisingly, the carbon bike was lightest at 8.78 kg, but the steel and ally frames were the same at 9.41kg. Just 0.67 kg more. I could shave that further by replacing the crankset of the Raleigh with a Carbon version, but for aesthetic reasons I will stick with the Campagnolo chainset.