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Wilier Won’t He?

I was pondering on Christmas Eve looking round our stock, if Santa rode a bike what would he choose?

Maybe he would want a practical cargo bike to carry presents, but probably feels he has done enough delivering and might want some fun in the North Pole snow on a fat bike; or would he treat himself to a gorgeous red and white Wilier for a Boxing Day blast. Since cyclists are a fastidious lot, I think he would be taken with a Wilier Cento 1 NDR in his trademark colour scheme. Of course Santa weighs a lot less than you would expect for his size or else the sleigh would not get off the ground, likewise the Cento 1 NDR defies gravity on the climbs and cuts through the frosty air like a freshly sharpened carving knife through a tender turkey breast with its aero frame, please see details here. We have a Cento 1 NDR, large size with Ultegra groupset and Miche Rx26 wheels. To launch our new ecommerce page we are offering Wiliers at the 2021 pre increase prices, which will save you over £600 . You can view the other gorgeous Wilier bikes we have in stock on our new shop page and pick up a lightweight New Year bargain.

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